Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay, Singapore

Project Description

Marina Bay Sands have upgraded the buildings 90 lifts to our OPAL Plus Lift Display, along with installing our proven range of emFONE Emergency Telephones.

Project Details

Client: Marina Bay Sands
Project: Emergency Telephone / Display Screens
Product: emFONE / OPAL Plus
Date: Completed April 2016

The emFONE Digital IP Communication System is a feature rich intercom package. Designed originally for the elevator industry this system comes complete with our emFONE Emergency Telephones & Builders Lift Intercoms that can all be controlled from a central location.

The OPAL Plus is the complete package for any complex building looking to maximise the full potential of their OPAL Lift Display. The intuitive system works seamlessly with the buildings lift system and displays all the necessary information along with a load of optional features.

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