The EM-MG/FXS 3G Gateway provides fast access to fixed voice services when either no traditional fixed infrastructure is available or instead of an nbn™ connection.

This cost effective wireless 3G Communication Gateway provides a simple
standalone solution in place of a conventional phone line. It has been specifically built
to replace existing PSTN phone lines being decommissioned during nbn™ network
migration, or other scenarios where an analogue phone line is no longer available.

The EM-MG/FXS has a single voice FXS analogue port that simulates an Australian standard telephone line. This also provides a means to remotely dial an emFONE emergency telephone and perform remote programming and communication.
This plug-and-play system requires no configuration to send and receive telephone calls and is configured to work with Australian standard telephone lines straight out of the box.

  • Single 3G Voice Gateway compatible with emFONE devices
    and all ACMA approved telephones
  • Specifically developed for Lift and Security applications
  • Designed to operate Line Powered Telephones
  • 5-Band 3G wireless for Worldwide Market applications

  • Long life built-in battery backup in the event of a power outage
    (3 hours talk-time/6 hours standby)
  • DTMF high quality performance on 3G Network
  • Automatic FXS line monitoring with voltage dropout
    and network fault detection
  • Automatic SMS fault notification options

  • Support up to 9 x EM-1 (with EM-1 addressable firmware update)
  • Durable, self-contained aluminum enclosure
  • Voice & SMS communication
  • Easy on-site installation and maintenance
Supply Voltage 12V – 24V DC
Operating Current 1A @ 12V DC
Battery Type 3.7V 18650 Li-ion 2.6Ah
Battery Backup 6 hours standby / 3 hours talk time
Sim Card Single nano SIM format
FXS 1 x FXS (48V 30mA)
Mobile Antenna 1 x external antenna
Mobile Network 3G (800/850/900/1900/2100MHz) (All Australian carriers)
Enclosure Aluminium industrial enclosure
Weight 0.26Kg
Dimensions (mm) 125 x 85x 33 mm (without antenna)
Antenna Dimensions (mm) 70.7mm, 5mm diameter
Device Operating Temperature 0°C-50°C