The eLiioT software allows the user to remotely connect and monitor their elevator portfolio.

Including emergency telephones, critical lift operations and device status with global connectivity.

Manage your elevator porfolio with Pixel Technologies complete Elevator Industrial IoT Solution

eLiioT has an abundance of features allowing you to monitor your communication gateway’s status remotely from anywhere. Receive critical alert notifications.




Teamed up with Pixel’s emFONE system eLiioT will automatically report when the emergency phone system is no longer working. This means that you are fully covered for

EN 81-28 and the latest Australian legislation (AS-1735.19)

What is EN 81-28?

Pixel has a vast range of IoT sensors which can be used to monitor critical events and other specialised lift operations, including; Lift Motor Vibration, operating hours, shaft Temperature and humidity, and water levels in the pit.