About Us


Why Should Pixel Be Your First Choice?

22 Years Experience

Manufacturing For The Building, Construction & Lift Industries For 22 years

Forward Thinking

Innovative Market Leaders in Developing Electronic Products & Solutions

Flexible Solutions

Landmark Buildings Around The Globe Are Facilitated With Our Leading Edge Products

Australian Made

Australian Designed, Developed & Manufactured In A State Of The Art Facility

Our Story

Originally ‘Design-Com’, Pixel Technologies was established in 1994 to provide world class communication solutions to the ever expanding lift industry.

Our products are designed to cater to a wide range of projects from small to large companies. We also provide complete ‘turnkey’ product development from the design concept through to production.

Pixel Building

Pixel Building is Australia’s greenest commercial office building, this environmentally sustainable building is internationally regarded as an icon of green design, innovative construction and workplace productivity.

The complex design of the colourful panelised facade is based on aesthetics and science, allowing maximum daylight, shade, views and glare control, whilst creating the building’s identity.


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